Magia di Lupi, l’Unipomezia supera il Gaeta e trova la prima vittoria

The coveted victory came: the Unipomezia unlocks, bending measuring the Gaeta, and does so at the end of a well-played game against the red and white, with the result that it could have been much more round. Three very important points, then Wednesday will return to action for the return of the preliminary round of the Italian Cup with Real Monterotondo Scalo and Sunday there will be the big match at the home of Cassino.

THE RACE Injuries force Catanzani to reshape his team. Start from the first minute Manzelli as external bass, Jamal Cerro and Alessio Empoli in the control room, while Federico Valle sided nell’inedita role as center forward. This is also why the Unipomezia takes a few minutes to get right into the game and start the Gaeta fails to close properly and to break down in speed. The first chance of the game is just for the guests, who at 13 ‘will lead to the shooting Compierchio that, from the side, calls into question the Saints. With each passing minute, the hosts took possession of the midfield with an inspired Empoli cue Wolves left. At 23 ‘the captain rossoblu seeding two opponents, into the area and ends on the ground. The referee let it go between local protests. It is the spark that ignites the final Unipomezia. At the 33 ‘nice action in the Strait orchestrated by Empoli and Valle. The number ten is used outside Cerro, which controls and download the goal, but Camara crashes to the ground. A minute passes and reaches the goal that unlocks the race. Once again it Empoli to inspire the Wolves unleashed, the captain gets on the bottom line, beat two opponents and impossible position is the diagonal that is worth the 1-0. Before even dangerous Unipomezia interval: on the development of a corner, the ball gets to Barbarisi that from thirty meters out for a missile whistling a few centimeters from the post of the door Camara. In the second half we expect the reaction of Gaeta, on the other hand is always the Unipomezia to make the game. 2 ‘Wolves controls the edge of the area and serves Cerro, which sends a bit too high over the bar. The Gaeta hard to leave and disappear from the field and are always the guys Catanzani to press the accelerator. They try Morici and Valle, but the Gaeta brings you save. 22 ‘Wolves Fishing Valley, which forces Camara to the great rescue. The race slips away without any further surprises, because the game is broken up by some accident involving Casciotti and Wolves and force the entrance relief. At 34 ‘comes the only action of Gaeta with Raiola that calls into question the Saints, dismissing it with ease. The referee gives a full six minutes of injury time, but apart from a couple of corners, the Gaeta never cleared by the rearguard dell’Unipomezia.


UNIPOMEZIA Saints, De Santis, Manzelli, Cerro (24’st Cappabianca), Casciotti, Draghici, Morici, Empoli, Barbarisi (42’st Monteforte), Valle (48’st Carlino), Wolves BENCH Scalibastri, Brachini, D’Aid, Nardini COACH Catanzani GAETA Camara, Hairpin, Zappala Salese, Di Grezia (12’st Kabangu), Judge, Compierchio (20’st Kouadio), Bosco, Cirelli, Pepe (32’st Saani), Raiola BENCH Russian, Zechariah, Pellicciotta , Pize COACH Melchionna MARKERS Wolves 34’pt REFEREES Morello Tivoli ASSISTANTS Tonello Latina, Ferrentino Ostia NOTES Ammonites Kabangu, Morici, Empoli, Pepe, Casciotti, Raiola Corners 4-5 Rec. 6’st